Updates #11


1. Public upset over closure of parking space – LRT users who normally park at Taman Jaya LRT station were surprised to see that some of the car parks under the electricity pylons had been cordoned off.  Tenaga Nasional is building a power substation there.

2. Cabbies at war – In London England, the battle for customers in an ongoing recession has pitted London [Black] cab drivers against mini-cab drivers in on-street showdowns – said to be the worst in almost 50 years.

3. A challenge so tough, Halimah couldn’t say no – Information and commentary from Halimah Sadique about her role as Chairman of the CVLB, being the first female chair and her plans for KPI for the CVLB.

4. NEW accessible Rap[i]d buses: `sneak preview’ of some done deal? – Ong BK of the Bus User’s Group in Penang comments on the new accessible RapidPenang buses.

5. Video of RapidPenang communciations & public relations activity with community – please give TRANSIT your feedback.

6. EDITORIAL: Untangling transport – The NST Editorial comments about public transport

7. LRT service disrupted an hour – On 29 June 2009 service on the Ampang LRT line was disrupted for 1 hour between Chan Sow Lin and Pudu stations due to trees falling on the rails.

8. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Go for a better bus service, a letter by Moaz from TRANSIT was published in the NST on 30 June 2009.


2 thoughts on “Updates #11”

  1. Video clearly showed the effort needed to push the wheelchair up the ramp. Maybe the ramp is designed with sidewalks in mind?

    Seems that SBS Transit ramp is similar but better built:

    Here’s an auto slide ramp:

    And here’s a telescopic ramp:

    Interesting to note that the last two are fitted to the front door.

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