Updates #32

Updates #32

1. Feature: KL- Ipoh 1 jam 55 minit (KOSMO!) – Kosmo magazine features the KL-Ipoh High Speed Rail service in their latest edition.

Image of the new KTM trainset - courtesy of KOSMO / KTMB / Kelvin Khew

2. Letter: KTM increases frequency (The Star) – letter from KTM responding to complaints about the new KTM Komuter schedule.

[TRANSIT: We find the statement that KTM plans to purchase 30 units of 6-carriage trains to be interesting. 6-carriage trains may have the benefit of passenger capacity but that means lower frequency. In order for KTM to compete with the LRT they have to be able to offer 7 minutes frequency. Can they do it?]

3. Letter: TAXI SCAM: Our image takes a hit — yet again (NST) – a letter complaining about the poor quality of taxi service.

[TRANSIT: We are starting to notice that taxi service at ‘taxi stands’ has really deteriorated in the past month. Although it never really improved (in comparison to the flowing taxies – the one that hail) after the fare hike, things are getting worse. Remember, keep the CVLB Hotline Number in your phone and call them any time you have a service dispute with a taxi driver.]

4. Letter: RapidKL to beef up services with new routes (The Star) – letter from Prasarana / RapidKL explaining the changes to RapidKL services.

[TRANSIT: Sadly, En. Ebi from Prasarana did not comment on the proposal for the Klang Valley Transport Council.]

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