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Meanwhile in Ipoh…After a few missteps on public transport Ipoh Council begins a move forward

TRANSIT took note of this news from Ipoh, where Ipoh City Council is looking to reorganize and improve its focus on public transport services. As is typical we see bluster and calls for enforcement but little about the structural problems within the public transport industry.

Ipoh Council to ensure public service vehicles are better organized (The Star, 22 April 2014)
Ipoh Council to ensure public service vehicles are better organised


THE Ipoh City Council has been given the green light to enforce the Land Public Transport Act 2010 to ensure a properly managed public transport system in the city.

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Take public transport this Raya says RTD Chief. TRANSIT: Public transport is now comfortable, safer option

TRANSIT took note of a number of articles about the upcoming Balik Kampung period that we thought worthy of note.

Firstly, the director-general of the Road Transport Department has commented that the public should be confident to take buses to their destinations this raya, as buses are much safer than motorcycles.

As you know, each Hari Raya balik kampung period is accompanied by an Ops Sikap and daily announcements about deaths & collisions on Malaysian roads. And every Ops Sikap records that the greatest number of deaths & injuries occur among motorcyclists traveling on Federal Roads.

RTD Chief: Take the bus this raya; it’s safer (NST)
By Predeep Nambiar

KUALA LUMPUR: Those planning the annual balik kampung trip this coming festive season have been urged to use public transport, especially express buses.
Road Transport Department (RTD) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said the use of express buses instead of passenger cars will ease the anticipated traffic congestion during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri period.

“The government expects the number of people using public transport to show an increase from 17 per cent last year to 21 per cent this year.

“A recent research by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Reserch) shows that the accident risk of public transport vehicles is seven to nine times lower than passenger cars.

“It is also 48 times safer than a motorcycle.”
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Updates #98

Updates #98

1. Article: Firm denies using taxi coupons to make ‘easy money’ (NST, 10 August 2011) – Mohd Nasir Mohd Rashid, Exec. Chairman of MESRA Indah Jaya Sdn. Bhd. which operates the taxi coupon system in Johor Baru, has denied allegations that it is making an “RM2 profit from the sale of coupons as alleged” but only “taking a 10 per cent commission to cover our maintenance and management costs.”

2. Article: Bandar Kinrara 3 residents want Station 5 moved (The Star, 9 August 2011)

3. Article: SPAD to boost Raya road safety (The Malay Mail, 10 August 2011) – SPAD’s first time participating in the annual Balik Kampung / Hari Raya safety campaign, from 14 August – 14 September including investigation & checking of public transport vehicles “round-the-clock”. Unfortunately, we also read this article: Article: Meddling riders a problem, drivers say (The Star, 11 August 2011) in which JPJ director-general Solah Mat Hassan appears to blame passengers for asking questions and pressuring drivers into driving faster.

Express bus passengers should ensure a safe journey by not pressuring their drivers unnecessarily, said Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan.

He said passenger pressure was a big concern for many drivers who felt pressured to drive faster to reach their destination quickly.

“Some always ask ‘what time will we reach?’ Passengers must not give drivers this unnecessary pressure.

TRANSIT: What nonsense! As if passengers asking “are we there yet?” is the only factor behind our unsafe buses?

4. Articles: NST has two articles about the upcoming Balik Kampung rush: Continue reading Updates #98

MIROS DG: Safety belts by 2015; SPAD COO: It’s not soon enough;

TRANSIT took note of some very interesting comments in The Malay Mail about the new proposals for the installation of seat belts in express buses by 2015. We also note that SPAD COO Azhar Ahmad states that 2015 is too long and the installation ought to start as early as 2015.

Now, TRANSIT wants to note very clearly that MIROS has made it very clear that what we need is safer construction of buses and that installing seat belts is only part of the solution.

Bus crash image from The Malay Mail.

Road Transport Department (RTD) automotive engineering division director Mohamad Dalib says very clearly: “Before we can fully regulate the seat belts installation in buses, the bus builder’s must firstly adhere to the strict UN/ECE regulations, in particular, R 14, R 36, R 66 and R 80 for bus design and construction.”

And he makes an excellent point: “There is no point wearing seat belts when the bus body disintegrates during impact. So, it’s important to improvise the bus construction process in accordance to UN/ECE standards.”

Exclusive: Seat belts in buses (The Malay Mail)
… and tougher express, tour coaches by 2015 to end shocking passenger casualties in crashes
Monday, July 4th, 2011

PETALING JAYA: Seat belts for all passenger in express and tour buses will be a compulsory feature by 2015.

The path to full implementation of seat belts and higher quality standards of bus body structures in public service vehicles is being done gradually by the government. Continue reading MIROS DG: Safety belts by 2015; SPAD COO: It’s not soon enough;

Updates #91

Updates #91

1. Letter: ‘Satu Malaysia’ actively at work on board Komuter (The Star, 23 June 2011) – David Chin of Seremban comments on the actions of KTM staff and passengers to help a passenger in distress.

2. Article: Metered executive taxis at Skypark (NST, 23 June 2011) – Metered executive taxis can now be found at Subang Airport.

[TRANSIT: The next step is shuttle buses. Are you listening, Firefly, KTMB and RapidKL?]

3. Letter: Taxis: Level playing field to beat touts (NST, 23 June 2011) – Anand Krishnan of KL comments on the continuing issue of taxi touting at KLIA.

4. Letter: KL Sentral needs more than a lift and a staircase (The Star, 23 June 2011) – Achee Karuppiah of KL complains about the access between KL Sentral and the bus area below.

5. Article: Part of Sg Besi airport land allocated for property development: PM (The Star, 23 June 2011) – Part of the Sg. Besi airport lands will be allocated for property development according to the Prime Minister. TRANSIT wants it to be clear that the development also includes connections to KTM Komuter as well as to the KLIA Transit service (at the south end) and MRT connections at the north end.

6. Letter: Show some action, LPTC (The Star, 24 June 2011) – YS Chan of KL argues that SPAD / LPTC needs to be more proactive.

7. Hotline: Misled into missing bus (The Malay Mail, 24 June 2011) – J. Jivani of JB complains about a miscommunication from Plusliner which resulted in her missing her bus.

8. Letter: LRT plan a boon for Puchong folk(The Star, 25 June 2011) – Business Onwer of Puchong writes in favour of the proposed LRT extension. However, BK3 resident of Puchong expresses a concern about the location of LRT station number 5 and asks that the guideway be realigned.

9. Letter: Build tracks underground (NST, 27 June 2011) – a letter about the MRT, as well as a complaint about the new 3-months public display for the Ampang LRT extension, and a complaint about the toilets at Bandar Tasik Selatan ITT

Updates #89

Updates #89

1. Article: Strain of Waiting (NST, 10 June 2011) – Complaints about the Penang Hill Railway including about a lack of information on the website, www.penanghill.gov.my. Suggestions for improvement include online ticket sales.

The slow rate of boarding the funicular train has irked many visitors. — Picture by Norhayati Umor NST

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Puduraya: More updates & interesting information

TRANSIT took note of two very interesting articles highlighting Puduraya terminal and plans for changes to public transport service.

The first article, RTD, SPAD booths at obscure corner (NST 11 May 2011) public transport users at Puduraya complain that the Road Transport Department and Land Public Transport Commission offices at Puduraya are located in “obscure” areas and should actually be located closer to the passenger waiting areas.

In the second article, UDA wants to take over bus services (NST, 11 May 2011) describes a proposal from UDA Holdings to take over the operations of East Coast bus services currently operating at Terminal Putra, and move them to Puduraya.
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Puduraya reopens on 16 April (Update #5)

  • Update: David Goh explains in this letter why he was not happy with some aspects of the reopened Puduraya!
  • Update: This article in The Star describes some of the issues at the reopened Puduraya – of course most passengers are very happy with the new facilities – it is the communication issues that need to be managed!
  • Update: Bukit Jalil temporary terminal is now closed – please go to Puduraya or Terminal Bersepadu Selatan for your regular bus trips!
  • Update: Check out these photos of Puduraya from mypublictransport.com, another public transport blogger in Malaysia!
  • Update: Puduraya has reopened. Read the article, Puduraya terminal operational, in Bernama!

TRANSIT took note of this article confirming that Puduraya is ready to reopen to “intercity buses” and “northbound express buses” on 16 April 2011. We chose this article because it gives some good details about the layout of Puduraya – a way to help inform the public.

Puduraya reopens tomorrow (NST, 14 April 2011)

A worker mopping the floor of the platform in anticipation of tomorrow’s opening. Image courtesy of NST.

KUALA LUMPUR: The 36-year-old Puduraya bus terminal will reopen as scheduled tomorrow.

The upgrading work which took 12 months are virtually complete. Only minor installation work such as placement of sign boards and fitting in the ramps remain.

UDA Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan said the bus terminal would cater to north-bound express buses and also serve as the hub for inter-city buses. Continue reading Puduraya reopens on 16 April (Update #5)

TRANSIT: Shah Alam stadium would make a great Park & Ride facility

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article, which describes concerns some residents have over the use of a section of the parking lot at Stadium Shah Alam for a used car lot:

Residents unhappy with council for renting out part of carpark at Shah Alam Stadium (The Star 1 March 2011)

Private business: The section on the right of the car park has been taken up by the used car dealer. Image courtesy of The Star.

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Updates #75

Updates #75

1. Article: 15 flee as bus burns (NST) – Fourteen passengers on a double-deck express bus, including foreigners and children, escaped death when they managed to get off the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames during an incident at Km224.2 of the North-South Expressway, heading south near Pedas here, on Saturday. There was also another collision between buses at the Juru Toll Plaza.

The Singapore-bound double-decker express bus caught fire about 9pm at Km224.2 of the North-South Expressway near Pedas, Negri Sembilan. — NST picture by Dzulkeffli Mustapha
One injured: The scene of the accident where the Butterworth-Singapore express bus rammed into the Haadyai-Ipoh tour bus at KM149.5 near the Juru toll plaza. Image courtesy of The Star.

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