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Look out touts – SPAD is watching you

TRANSIT took note of two interesting articles related to the current Chinese New Year Holiday period – the standard set of warnings against touting and the standard article about related enforcement efforts.

The big question is, do Malaysians feel that the current enforcement and touting situation is better now that SPAD is in charge?

We know that SPAD is definitely more proactive than the CVLB was when it comes to enforcement. We know that they are also making more effort to reach out to the public and encourage complaints and feedback – whether on their websites, through phone, email and social media, and even encouraging walk-in complaints with offices at bus terminals, as well as their central offices.

So…how can we be confident in our confidence in SPAD?

Taxi and bus drivers warned against preying on travellers (The Star, 22 January 2012)

KUALA LUMPUR: Taxi and bus drivers as well as bus company operators have been warned against taking advantage of the festive season to prey on travellers, including overcharging them.

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) enforcement director Mej-Jen (Rtd) Datuk Paduka Che Hasni Che Ahmad said offenders would be charged and given heavy fines.

He said they would be “duly dealt with” under the Public Land Transport Act 2010 if nabbed.

“Those days, the fine was only RM300 and most cases did not have to go to court but under the new Act, investigation papers are immediately opened when offenders are apprehended,” said Che Hasni during SPAD’s special enforcement operations at Pudu Sentral.

Offenders could be fined up to RM50,000 under Section 75 of the Act, he added.

Also, the second article:

Keeping touts at bay in Pudu Sentral (NST, 23 January 2012)

LAND Public Transport Commission (SPAD) recently carried out an operation called OPS Serkap 1 to nab touts and carry out inspections on express buses at Pudu Sentral.

The operation, which will be ongoing until the end of the month, is targeted at major bus stations.

During the 13-hour operation, SPAD nabbed five touts. Three buses were issued summonses for picking up passengers from non-designated pick-up points, while two buses were fined for not having the temporary variation licences (LPS).


So…how can we be confident in our confidence in SPAD? One way would be if we actually had information about SPAD’s enforcement department – how many people, where they are based, what laws they are enforcing, how to reach them, etc.

In the knowledge-based economy, information and knowledge is the source of wealth & power.


Gong Xi Fa Cai from the members of TRANSIT! Wishing you all the best for the Year of the Water Dragon

TRANSIT wishes to take a short moment and wish all those who are celebrating a very happy Spring Festival & Chinese (Calendar) New Year.

And this year as you must already know, will be the year of the Dragon. Specifically, the water dragon – the wisdom, strength and leadership of the dragon, combined with the patience, coolness and perhaps the mystery of the water element.

Ok, so perhaps we didn’t pay enough attention – we were too busy focusing on how this year can be made better for public transport users!

Let’s begin the new year by inviting you, the public, to give us your feedback on what can be done to make public transport better in Malaysia.

As always, we wish everyone happy and safe celebrations, as well as safe & comfortable travels.

Take public transport this Raya says RTD Chief. TRANSIT: Public transport is now comfortable, safer option

TRANSIT took note of a number of articles about the upcoming Balik Kampung period that we thought worthy of note.

Firstly, the director-general of the Road Transport Department has commented that the public should be confident to take buses to their destinations this raya, as buses are much safer than motorcycles.

As you know, each Hari Raya balik kampung period is accompanied by an Ops Sikap and daily announcements about deaths & collisions on Malaysian roads. And every Ops Sikap records that the greatest number of deaths & injuries occur among motorcyclists traveling on Federal Roads.

RTD Chief: Take the bus this raya; it’s safer (NST)
By Predeep Nambiar

KUALA LUMPUR: Those planning the annual balik kampung trip this coming festive season have been urged to use public transport, especially express buses.
Road Transport Department (RTD) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said the use of express buses instead of passenger cars will ease the anticipated traffic congestion during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri period.

“The government expects the number of people using public transport to show an increase from 17 per cent last year to 21 per cent this year.

“A recent research by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Reserch) shows that the accident risk of public transport vehicles is seven to nine times lower than passenger cars.

“It is also 48 times safer than a motorcycle.”
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KTM Update: Railwaymen’s Union to strike at the ‘heart’ of Malaysia?

Any way you look at it, the recent protest by the Railwaymen’s Union appears to be a game changer in Malaysian politics and certainly within the public transport industry.

Not only has the RUM protested publicly & directly against KTMB President Dr. Aminuddin, the Chief of RUM (Abdul Razak Md. Hassan) has clearly threatened that he will encourage his members to vote strategically in any upcoming election.

This voting talk is clearly a political “shot across the bow” against the Prime Minister, the Barisan Nasional, and UMNO (Abdul Razak is an UMNO member so this becomes intriguing).

The thing that makes the issue even hotter would be the blatant warnings given at the recent protest held on 29 July 2011 – a protest which (to our observation) was not really covered by the mainstream media – in which Abdul Razak threatened a Railway worker’s strike during the Balik Kampung period, which would have a detrimental affect on Hari Raya travel … a clearly upsetting situation especially since tickets to the East Coast for the Balik Kampung period have already sold out.

And since this year Hari Raya Aidilfitri may take place on 31 August 2011, a railway worker’s strike during the Balik Kampung / Aidilfitri period would also affect celebrations of Merdeka Day.

But why?

Get out! RUM tells KTMB boss
Patrick Lee | July 30, 2011

Union threatens disruption of train services for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations if Aminuddin Adnan does not resign immediately.

KUALA LUMPUR: Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) employees want their president, Aminuddin Adnan, to step down immediately or face a drastic backlash.

“Malaysia’s trains may come to a screeching halt during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations if [Dr. Aminuddin] does not quit,” said Abdul Razak Md Hassan, chief of the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaya (RUM).

“We want the government to end the president of KTMB’s contract or we will take drastic action!” he told hundreds of KTMB employees in front of the company’s KL headquarters. Continue reading KTM Update: Railwaymen’s Union to strike at the ‘heart’ of Malaysia?

Updates #71

Updates #71

1. Article: Lucky escape for 40 passengers (The Star) – Forty passengers of an express bus had a close shave after the bus they were in had the front tire burst, skidded, crashed through the road divider and came to a stop in the opposite lane at the 245th kilometre of the North-South Expressway near the Pedas-Linggi toll plaza.

TRANSIT Says: It could have been worse. We have a lot to learn from near-misses! Imagine if the Transnasional was a double-deck instead of a single deck, and if the bus brushed instead of blasted through the metal guardrail median barrier, the Sani Express incident would repeat by itself. Worse, imagine if there are vehicles coming from the opposite site, and the bus happened to trip over the median, then we would have seen another Simpang Ampat tragedy. Why actions on safety measures are only being considered after fatal accidents occurred – and even then, we only hear news on prosecution of drivers, but not on bus reality check and on safe median barriers.

Tengku Hasmadi said there were pre-trip instructions that drivers had to adhere to under the code. “This includes checking the brake lights, headlights, wipers, and air pressure in bus tyres.” (article on Transnasional buses the safest, thanks to SHE)

Transnasional used to pride itself on being the ‘safest’ operator, but this incident should raise the eyebrows of many on the biggest bus consortium’s credibility.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai from TRANSIT

The members of TRANSIT wish to take this time to wish everyone who is celebrating, a very happy Chinese New Year & Spring Festival.

We hope that the new year will bring about many positive changes in the public transport industry that will benefit public transport users, reduce traffic congestion and stress, and bring solace to the honest & decent public transport operators and planners in the industry who are trying to improve public transport for the rakyat, and not thinking about themselves first.

And we thank you, the friends and voices in our public transport community, for your attention and feedback on these issues. We look forward to more friends, more discussion, more feedback and a better future.

Regards, the members of TRANSIT

Happy 2011. Here’s hoping that 2011 will be better for public transport than the past year.

TRANSIT wishes everyone a very Happy New Year.

In 2011 we will continue our efforts to build a public transport system in Malaysia that considers the needs of all stakeholders and appreciates the passenger.

Our comments on 2010 will appear here in a short time – and look for a summary of the year courtesy of TRANSIT in the news media over the next few days.

TRANSIT thanks all of our readers for their support, comments & feedback over the past 3 years.

All the best for 2011.

The members of TRANSIT

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

TRANSIT wishes everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir & Batin. So pls forgive all the bus operators, KTMB, RapidKL & gov’t 🙂

We hope that the balik kampung was reasonable for everyone, and that you and your loved ones arrive home safely and soundly.

Sadly, this will not be the case for everyone – but we hope that through raising awareness about public transport, we have done our part to make the roads just a little bit safer.

TRANSIT also asks the patience and forgiveness of the public … if we push too hard, if we are too critical, if we do not have enough time to address the issues as thoroughly as you would like … please forgive us.

We will always try our best to do our best.

And as always, we at TRANSIT wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of service workers in Malaysia who have kept society functioning while the rest of us were on holiday. Whether they are working in the transport industry or hospitality or the public service or emergency services, their presence reminds us that society cannot function without people’s hard work and dedication.

Photos of KTM Sentul-Batu Caves extension

Readers may recall our recent posting on Thaipusam shuttle train services operated by KTM.

The KTM line from Sentul to Batu Caves has been double tracked and electrified but unfortunately, the interior work at all the stations has not been completed.  The full work will only be completed in March and the Sentul-Batu Caves extension will only open in April 2010.

But that does not stop KTM Komuter from operating trains on the line – which is what they have done for the 2010 Thaipusam weekend.

At KTM’s own facebook page they have posted photos of the Thaipusam 2010  shuttle train services.

Because the construction work at the Sentul station is not complete, passengers had to climb stairs to board the trains. This is a bit disappointing because it means that the OKU community was not able to enjoy the service to Thaipusam – a sad and disappointing situation that could have been dealt with a bit better.

The shuttle trains passed through  Batu Kantonment, Kg. Batu and Taman Wahyu without stopping.

Batu Caves station is complete and had been opened to the public.

TRANSIT would like to congratulate KTMB employees for making the best of the situation once again (the incomplete construction) and providing improved shuttle services for public transport users.

We hope that KTMB will continue to remember the OKU community and ensure that they have the same opprtunities to enjoy the rich tapestry of cultures that makes Malaysia so great.

If you went to Thaipusam at Batu Caves and took photos of the KTM Shuttle trains, or if you went to Thaipusam in Penang and took photos of the RapidPenang shuttle buses, please email these photos to us at klangvalley.transit@gmail.com or post the links / photos below.

Thank you in advance and once again, Happy Thaipusam 2010!

KTM Update: Special Komuter train services for Thaipusam (Update #2)

Updated with additional articles!

TRANSIT takes note of the announcement of special Komuter train services to Batu Caves station on the occasion of Thaipusam.

The reconstructed Batu Caves station on the KTM Komuter Sentul-Batu Caves extension' line in an older photo.

For the Thaipusam celebration in Batu Caves on Saturday, KTMB will provide 208 special train services and 72 additional KTM Komuter trains from Friday to Sunday.

The two-way special train services will be available from Batu Caves and Sentul with 30-minute frequency.

“KTMB has also planned for 208 train services this time compared to only 98 last year, as more visitors are expected in views of the celebration falling on a weekend followed by a public holiday on Monday,” Mohd Hidir said.

It is hoped that the additional train services will help reduce traffic congestion in the city.

From Friday to Sunday, 72 additional KTM Komuter services will be available around the clock for the Rawang-KL Sentral-Rawang, Seremban-Sentul-Seremban and Port Klang-Sentul-Port Klang lines.

“Usually the services end at midnight, but for Thaipusam, commuter services will be extended until 6am with 72 additional services at a 30-minute frequency,” said Mohd Hidir.


While it is disappointing to note that the extension to Batu Caves will not be in place and operating until later in April 2010, TRANSIT is happy to note that KTM Komuter is going to offer a whole new level of train shuttle service.

We would like to urge as many people as possible to use the special trains from Sentul to Batu Caves, or take the additional trains overnight, rather than taking their cars.

Further information on the Sentul – Batu Caves extension project can be found here.