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Haphazard halts are a sign of haphazard planning and policy and organization and management….and especially leadership.

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star Metro which reminded us how much more needs to be done to improve public transport organization and management in the Klang Valley.

Haphazard halts (The Star Metro,  29 April 2014)

MORE often than not, public buses in the Klang Valley can be seen stopping to pick up passengers willy-nilly, be it by the roadside, along a flyover or even at the junction of a busy main road.

The lack of a proper bus stop or lay-by, does not seem to faze the drivers and the practise has been going on for years.

However, their actions not only contribute to traffic congestion but also pose a threat to life and limb as passengers scramble to board the bus on a busy road.

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Is the proposed pedestrian tunnel between “KL Sentral” (the MRT station) and KL Sentral (the railway and commercial complex) a danger to the public?

TRANSIT took note of an interesting commentary in The Edge business daily about safety risks associated with the proposed pedestrian tunnel connecting the “KL Sentral” MRT Station at Museum Negara with the KL Sentral complex across Jalan Damansara.
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Malacca Monorail to run again – but only on days without rain (Update #3)

  • Update: Read an interesting letter from Esa Adam!
  • Update: The monorail service has been suspended again!
  • Update: No sooner had the service received the green light to resume operations (not in the rain though) the service has stalled again – when it was operated after a sudden rain shower!

TRANSIT took note of the recent announcement that the Melaka Monorail was permitted to resume operations as it had met almost all of the safety conditions set out by public transport regulator SPAD.

The Melaka Monorail operator Menara Taming Sari Sdn. Bhd. had been told to shut down the service on September 30, for a 30 day period after the latest service disruption that forced passengers to disembark from the train using a ladder.

The letter from Esa Adam:

The monorail saga continues (The Star)
Thursday December 1, 2011

THE Malacca monorail is in the limelight again but for the wrong reasons (The Star, Nov 30), just days after resuming service. Continue reading Malacca Monorail to run again – but only on days without rain (Update #3)

Updates #98

Updates #98

1. Article: Firm denies using taxi coupons to make ‘easy money’ (NST, 10 August 2011) – Mohd Nasir Mohd Rashid, Exec. Chairman of MESRA Indah Jaya Sdn. Bhd. which operates the taxi coupon system in Johor Baru, has denied allegations that it is making an “RM2 profit from the sale of coupons as alleged” but only “taking a 10 per cent commission to cover our maintenance and management costs.”

2. Article: Bandar Kinrara 3 residents want Station 5 moved (The Star, 9 August 2011)

3. Article: SPAD to boost Raya road safety (The Malay Mail, 10 August 2011) – SPAD’s first time participating in the annual Balik Kampung / Hari Raya safety campaign, from 14 August – 14 September including investigation & checking of public transport vehicles “round-the-clock”. Unfortunately, we also read this article: Article: Meddling riders a problem, drivers say (The Star, 11 August 2011) in which JPJ director-general Solah Mat Hassan appears to blame passengers for asking questions and pressuring drivers into driving faster.

Express bus passengers should ensure a safe journey by not pressuring their drivers unnecessarily, said Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan.

He said passenger pressure was a big concern for many drivers who felt pressured to drive faster to reach their destination quickly.

“Some always ask ‘what time will we reach?’ Passengers must not give drivers this unnecessary pressure.

TRANSIT: What nonsense! As if passengers asking “are we there yet?” is the only factor behind our unsafe buses?

4. Articles: NST has two articles about the upcoming Balik Kampung rush: Continue reading Updates #98

MIROS to hold forum & feedback session on electric bicycle usage in Malaysia

TRANSIT notes that the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) will be holding a forum on the use of electric bicycles on Malaysian roads to discuss the views from various parties, vehicle safety aspects, law enforcement, green energy, infrastructure and others.

The forum will be on 26 April 2011.

The public is invited to attend the forum, but seats are limited. Please contact Abdul Rahmat at tel: 03-8924 9316 or e-mail at abdulrahmat@miros.gov.my to register and confirm your seat.

Forum details

Date : 26 April 2011
Time : 8.30am-2.00pm
Venue : Pullman Hotel Putrajaya
Chairperson : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Shaw Voon, Director, Vehicle Safety and Biomechanics Research Centre, MIROS.

In addition, MIROS is asking for submissions & feedback from the public on the use of electric bicycles. However, submissions must be sent by 5 pm on 29 April 2011. Email enquiries should be sent to electricbicycle@miros.gov.my. Continue reading MIROS to hold forum & feedback session on electric bicycle usage in Malaysia

Updates #71

Updates #71

1. Article: Lucky escape for 40 passengers (The Star) – Forty passengers of an express bus had a close shave after the bus they were in had the front tire burst, skidded, crashed through the road divider and came to a stop in the opposite lane at the 245th kilometre of the North-South Expressway near the Pedas-Linggi toll plaza.

TRANSIT Says: It could have been worse. We have a lot to learn from near-misses! Imagine if the Transnasional was a double-deck instead of a single deck, and if the bus brushed instead of blasted through the metal guardrail median barrier, the Sani Express incident would repeat by itself. Worse, imagine if there are vehicles coming from the opposite site, and the bus happened to trip over the median, then we would have seen another Simpang Ampat tragedy. Why actions on safety measures are only being considered after fatal accidents occurred – and even then, we only hear news on prosecution of drivers, but not on bus reality check and on safe median barriers.

Tengku Hasmadi said there were pre-trip instructions that drivers had to adhere to under the code. “This includes checking the brake lights, headlights, wipers, and air pressure in bus tyres.” (article on Transnasional buses the safest, thanks to SHE)

Transnasional used to pride itself on being the ‘safest’ operator, but this incident should raise the eyebrows of many on the biggest bus consortium’s credibility.

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Updates #66 (Sg Buloh ITT)

Updates #66

1. Article: Thumbs-up for Sg Buloh hub (Malay Mail) – A government source revealed the location of the north-bound Integrated Transport Terminal (ITT) in Sungai Buloh, linking the proposed express bus terminal not unsimilar to TBS with the proposed Sg Buloh – Kajang MRT line.

Without direct access to PLUS Highway, buses will have to pass through the busy Jln Sg Buloh and Jln Kuala Selangor (which will be busier once the RRI area is developed). (TRANSIT Graphics)

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Parliament: Road Transport Act amendments withdrawn

The Road Transport Act Amendment Bill 2010, which would have seen 51 amendments to the current Road Transport Act, has been withdrawn from Parliament.

It will be re-tabled in the June 2010 sitting, which will also discuss proposals for the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Three proposals that received objection from the Barisan Nasional Backbencher’s club (possibly in light of the current by-election) were:

  • A proposal to increase the summons for traffic offenses from RM300 to RM1000;
  • A proposal to increase the minimum licensing age for motorcyclists from 16 to 17; and
  • A proposal to restrict the right to assign vehicle number plates to the Director General of the Road Transport Department.

Unfortunately, we never had a chance to look at the whole Amendment Bill – so we do not know much about the other 48 amendments.

For further information about the controversial amendments, please read any of the following:


We would like to see amendments to encourage electric vehicles on Malaysian roads, physically separated bus lanes and bicycle lanes, permitting longer, articulated buses for bus-rapid transit (BRT) systems, and a few other amendments that would help to improve the efficiency of public transport.

What amendments would you like to see to improve road transport in Malaysia? Please share them with us.

Updates #36

Updates #36

1) Article: Ong: Rail service to remote areas to be upgraded (The Star) – Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat comments on plans to upgrade rural rail services especially the double tracking & electrification of rail on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

2) Article: 43 families hit by rail project to receive compensation (The Star) – Additional squatter families affected by the double tracking project will receive government compensation.

3) Article: National library to expand reading campaign to bus stations (The Star) – the National Library plans to expand the “reading corner” launched on KTM Trains on Dec 7, to include bus stations. You may also wish to read this article, Plan for books at bus stops (The Star).

4) Article:Group wants Batu Caves funicular train back on track (The Star) – Damai Disabled Persons Association is calling for more attention to the proposal for a funicular train at the Batu Caves complex.

[TRANSIT: It is a logical and sensible idea, especially since the fully accessible Sentul-Batu Caves extension will be opened soon. The DBKL, temple committee and MPs should ensure the accessibility from the train line up to the temple complex and up to the caves themselves.]

5) Article: Trip to buy ais kacang turned fatal (The Star) – a tragic story of a young girl hit by a Komuter train near Klang.

[TRANSIT: As always, we remind you to stay away from train tracks. You cannot hear the trains and the trains cannot stop for you!]

6) Article: New river taxis to be made of fibreglass (NST) – information about the new river taxi service to be offered in Kuching.

7) Article: End of free train rides for students in NY (The Star) – New York columnist Lim Ai Lee comments on the move to charge fares for public school students using public transport in New York after major funding cuts and layoffs.

13 April 2009 Express Bus Crash at Rawang

Express Bus Crash again

Most newspapers announced the latest tragic crash of a Kuala Lumpur bound express bus at km 443 of the North-South Expressway near Rawang today. 6 people died and many more were injured.

NST image of an express bus lying on its side after a crash that killed 6 people and injured more
NST image of an express bus lying on its side after a crash that killed 6 people and injured more

See articles from:

The Star – 6 die, 5 injured in express bus crash (Update)
The NST – Six dead in express bus crash
Malaysiakini – Six killed in early morning bus crash


Our hearts and prayers go out to the loved ones of those who lost their lives or were injured as a result of this senseless tragedy.

Every time this has happened, and every time we respond to tragedies like this we always hope that it will be the last time. Sadly, the tragedies never seem to end.

Careless driving, poorly designed roads and unsafe buses run by profit-making bus operators are causing carnage on our roads. Our government sits by and lets things continue to happen without positive intervention.

We can only hope that the dissolution of the Ministry of Entrepreneur & Cooperatives Development will be a prelude to the dissolution of the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board – the government agency that has brought the “entrepreneurial” spirit into public transport and failed millions of Malaysian road users and public transport users thorough poor management and inaction.