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Work on underground section of Jakarta Metro begins

TRANSIT took note that construction of the Jakarta Metro began on April 4th.

The Jakarta Metro network will eventually have 2 lines (North-south and East-West) essentially following the path first blazed by the Transjakarta bus service nearly a decade ago.

Work on underground section of Jakarta Metro begins (Railway Gazette, 10 April 2014)

Project manager Mass Rapid Transit Jakarta announced that work started on the underground section of Jakarta’s first metro line on April 4.

Excavation began at Hotel Indonesia Traffic Circle, where there will be an underground station. A guide wall is due to be completed within three months, which will allow a diaphragm wall to be built. The timescale for the completion of this and subsequent station works is four years.

In May the city authorities announced the winners of the tenders for the three underground civil works packages. Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Company and PT Hutama Karya is undertaking the work at Hotel Indonesia Traffic Circle, whereas the other two packages are being carried out by a consortium of Shimizu, Obayashi, Wijaya Karya and Jaya Konstruksi.

Two of the three elevated civil works packages will be carried out by a Tokyu-WIKA consortium, with a consortium of Obayashi, Shimizu and Jaya Konstruksi responsible for the other.

Revenue operations on the 15·7 km line are planned to start in early 2018. An 8·1 km northern extension is planned as the second phase.


For more information about the Jakarta MRT you can visit the website jakartamrt.com, follow @mrtjakarta on Twitter or see the Wikipedia page.


Bus-Rapid Transit is coming to KL-town (Update #1)

TRANSIT was told about this interesting article in the Streets-NST describing a plan for dedicated bus lanes along 13 corridors in Kuala Lumpur – bus lanes that would be separated from other traffic by kerbs.

This scan of the cut-out article also gives feedback from commuters on the BRT proposal.

This system is similar to the “Bus-Rapid Transit” design concept – a way to make bus service more efficient by replicating the most positive features of a rapid transit system (the dedicated right-of-way, high frequency and comfortable “stations”) with the lower implementation & operations costs of a bus system.

By Halim Said

KUALA LUMPUR: Plans for a dedicated inter-city bus lanes with barriers are currently in the pipeline.

A motorist misusing the bus lane during peak hours. Image courtesy of the NST.

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is currently studying the feasibility of implementing the system which will be part of the Klang Valley integral public transportation transformation master plan. Continue reading Bus-Rapid Transit is coming to KL-town (Update #1)

Info about the TransJakarta system

Our friend Mr. Ong visited Jakarta recently and took some time to look at the TransJakarta bus system.

Mr. Ong has spoken on more than one occasion of the TransJakarta system as an effective example of low-cost improvements to public transport.  Of course the system is not perfect (what system is?) and can see improvements – but the message is that the people in charge of public transportation in Jakarta are taking steps and moving public transport forward.

Sometimes radical steps can lead to great improvements, and TransJakarta is certainly an example of this.  What started out with a single corridor in Jakarta has now expanded to 8 corridors with more under construction.  What started as a single system has now been extended, in various forms, to many other Indonesian cities.

Enjoy the video of Mr. Ong’s ride on the TransJakarta system.

Also, please read his commentary based on his ride of the TransJakarta system, which has been posted to the Penangwatch (dot) net website.

A reference map (slightly older) for TransJakarta is posted below.  You may note that the image outside the map might look familiar – it is a TransJakarta app(lication) specially designed for the iPhone.

A Map of the TransJakarta system taken from a design of an iPhone Application
A Map of the TransJakarta system taken from a design of an iPhone Application

For more information about TransJakarta see here.
For more information about the iPhone Application, see here.