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Updates #97

Updates #97

1. Article:  Flaming bus at depot (The Malay Mail, 2 August 2011) – A bus parked at its depot in Segambut unexpectedly burst into flames yesterday afternoon, shortly after the driver had finished his shift.

INFERNO: Black smoke billowing from the blazing vehicle. Image courtesy of The Malay Mail.

2. Article: New air-conditioned bus stop opens its door in Zest Point @ Kinrara 9 (The Star, 30 July 2011)

Fostering communities: Trinity Group claims to have built the first air-conditioned bus stop in Malaysia at the Trinity-owned Zest Point @ Kinrara 9. Image courtesy of The Star.

[TRANSIT: As far as we recall, this may not be the first air-conditioned bus stop in Malaysia (there was one built in Malacca) but at least it is the first in the Klang Valley]

3. Article: RapidKL service from KL Sentral to BU not efficient, say passengers (The Star, 1 August 2011)

4. Long wait for bus home (Malay Mail, 1 August 2011)

5. Article: Four LRT stations are now disabled-friendly (The Star, 1 August 2011)

6. Article: Operator yet to relocate buses (NST, 31 July 2011) – A group of business operators in Bukit Indah, JB, are upset that Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, which runs the fleet of Causeway Link stage buses, has yet to relocate its buses from Jalan Indah 15/3 despite the issue being highlighted 8 months ago.

Two Causeway Link buses parked on a stretch of road in Bukit Indah recently. — Picture by Chuah Bee Kim / NST

7. Letter: Cabbies have only themselves to blame (The Star, 1 August 2011) – Frustrated cab user of Ampang writes that cabbies should accept that their actions are the reason a coupon system exists.

8. Commentary: It’s possible to solve traffic woes (NST, 1 August 2011) – Fazlene Aziz comments on traffic solutions for the Klang Valley, arguing that while parking solutions may help a bit, improved public transport is the real solution.

[TRANSIT: On a lighter note, perhaps our KL Mayor and FT Minister can learn a bit of teaching lesson to rectify reckless parking behaviors from the mayor of the city of Vilnius (Lithuania), in which he ran a tank over an illegally parked luxury car. Oh wait, we don’t even have a bicycle lane in downtown KL!

9. Article: Thousands of cheap tickets on ETS till year end (The Star, 2 August 2011) – ETS Sdn. Bhd. is allocating 64,800 “koc 1 Rakyat” seats at a lower price (RM16) for grabs until the end of the year for the Ipoh – Kuala Lumpur Sentral route. Apparently there will be 30 seats per train priced at the lower rate.

10. Commentary: Spare a thought for the disabled (NST, 2 August 2011) – Nuradzimmah Daim comments on accessibility issues.

11. Letter: Towards better taxi service (The Malay Mail 3 August 2011) – YS Chan of KL comments on the taxi issue.

12. Article: ‘Avoid touts for a hassle-free trip’ (NST, 29 July 2011) – The first of the Ramadan Balik Kampung warnings.

13. Article: Flats residents in Sungai Besi want a bus stop shelter (The Star, 6 August 2011)

14. Letter: Build MRT in a cost-effective way (The Star, 6 August 2011) – Rail Mad of Bandar Utama wonders why so much land needs to be acquired in Jalan Sultan for an underground MRT station.

15. Article: Raya bus, train ticket nearly sold out (NST, 6 August 2011)


Updates #96

Updates #96

1. Hotline Story: Stop as you please? Passengers forced to alight even in the middle of the road (Malay Mail, 26 July 2011) – Priveena Mahan complains about being dropped off in the middle of the street.

ANYWHERE WILL DO: A bus stops in the middle of the road for passengers to alight and embark. Image courtesy of The Malay Mail.

[TRANSIT: RapidKL responds here explaining that they cannot always approach bus stops properly because of parked cars at the side of the road. But that should be the exception, rather than the rule.]
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Traffic mayhem continues in Brickfields

TRANSIT took note of this article which describes a complaint about continued traffic mayhem in Brickfields, despite the change to 1-way operation on Jalan Tun Sambanthan as well as increased amounts of parking space.

Check out the double parking – now on both sides of Jalan Tun Sambanthan!

Brickfields traffic mayhem (Malay Mail)
Police pledge sustained action as complaints mount
Faizal Nor Izham
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Double parking on both sides of Jalan Tun Sambanthan affects private vehicles and public transport users. Image courtesy of the Malay Mail.

AN all-out swoop on those who contribute to the chaotic traffic condition in Brickfields is the only way to solve the problem, suggests BALJIT SINGH. 

He says while the authorities should bear the blame for poor planning, motorists should change their mindset for an effective solution to a long-standing problem. Continue reading Traffic mayhem continues in Brickfields

MRT Update: Is this our new MRT network?

TRANSIT took note of this recent article in Star Biz, which highlights the planning for the 2nd MRT line, an “orbital” line running around the city centre that has been named the  “Circle Line”

The article also mentions an “Orange Line” which will run from Ampang to Klang through Seputeh & what looks like Petaling Jaya.

It appears that the “Blue Line” from Sg. Buloh to Kajang will interchange with the Circle line at Pusat Bandar Damansara and the proposed KL Financial District at Dataran Perdana – while the “Orange Line” will interchange with the Circle Line at MidValley-KL EcoCity and the KL Financial District.

Star Graphic showing the proposed MRT line in the centre of KL. Image courtesy of The Star - accuracy not verified by SPAD.

As you can see from the Star Graphic above, there are clearly some inaccuracies that have to be mentioned – the monorail which does not connect to KL Sentral or the Ampang LRT line at Titiwangsa is a clear example.

And this begs the very important question of why SPAD and Pemandu are giving briefings to property developers, analysts, the media and members of the public who appear to understand very little about public transport planning and holistic mass transport planning.

In other words, why no briefing for TRANSIT? Because only TRANSIT will be able to give SPAD & Pemandu the insights they need for the MRT and the public transport system as a whole.

The article as well as TRANSIT’s comments on the lines & interchanges proposed above are after the jump. Continue reading MRT Update: Is this our new MRT network?

What do we know about the “new” proposed New MRT line

Some time ago, in August 2009, TRANSIT posted about the Kota Damansara-Cheras LRT/MRT line, which had then been announced by Prasarana.

Our posting “New MRT Line” aimed to summarize the information that we had at the time about the proposal for a rail line linking Kota Damansara to Cheras. You can see a summary (with updates & speculation) at the end of this post.

That LRT/MRT line has now been absorbed into the government’s proposed Greater KL/Klang Valley MRT network (inspired by MMC-Gamuda). These graphics show the route maps, then and “now.”

This Star Graphic shows the 2008 route proposal for the Kota Damansara - Cheras LRT/MRT line, through Bangsar, KL Sentral & Brickfields. Image courtesy of The Star.
This Star Graphic shows the new proposed routing for the Sg. Buloh to Kajang MRT line, which is expected to bypass Bangsar and KL Sentral. Image courtesy of The Star.

More details after the jump.

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ETP Analysis: What Idris Jala says

TRANSIT includes the following interview with Idris Jala featured in Star Biz as part of our analysis of the Economic Transformation Programme proposals for a Greater KL MRT and High Speed Rail link between KL and Singapore.

Jala confident of ETP implementation (Star Biz)

1. Can you explain the funding aspects of the EPPs (entry point projects)?

The MRT is a good example. It is said Greater KL is going to be funded 66% by the private sector. Does that mean that 66% of the circa RM40bil for the MRT will come from the private sector? How come there are reports that the MRT will be largely funded by the Government from allocations in the 10th Malaysia Plan (MP) and 11MP?

Will the Government be providing some kind of guarantee to these projects, such as guaranteeing the bonds (that will be issued to fund these projects) or will the Government be promising a payment of a fixed fee to the operator of the MRT?
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New LRT and MRT: Prasarana to shoulder gigantic expectations

TRANSIT is surprised to learn on the NST’s front page coverage of Prasarana in the past few days. We are talking about massive involvement of taxpayers’ money on projects with undoubtedly similar progression and implementation pattern that we’ve seen with the STAR, PUTRA and KL Monorail lines. With Prasarana’s bonds guaranteed by the government, it is surprising to learn on the lack of scrutiny on the effectiveness of the transit projects’ undertaking.

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Check out London’s newest ‘Red Bus’

TRANSIT learned recently that the “New Routemaster” double decker bus design has been unveiled at the London Transport Museum‘s Acton Depot.

The new bus by Wrightbus was chosen as part of a design contest to revive the much loved London Routemaster double decker bus and eliminate articulated (“bendy”) buses – a campaign pledge of current Mayor of London (and Chair of Transport for London) Boris Johnson in 2008.

A classic London Transport Routemaster bus is paired with the model of the 'New Routemaster' at the London Transport Museum - images courtesy of core77.com

Front and back views of the bus after the jump:
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HSR Update: Who will be “competing” for the HSR Project?

TRANSIT noted this article in the Business Times which updates us on the companies that are looking to get involved in the proposed KL-Singapore high speed rail link.

On the fast track (Business Times)
Sharen Kaur, 2 November 2010

Several companies made presentations to the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) lab about three months ago on the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed train project, industry sources say.
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